So I’ve perfected the disinterested bus-stare. The official bus rules are basically “be an introvert” listen to music, don’t interact….unless someone’s having a stroke, then act F.A.S.T.

But there’s always at least a handful of people who are overly talkative, really excited about bags, and that one person who clearly just got done visiting Mary Jane.

Eventually, your clothes or post-bus sweat may start to smell like weed, but that’s okay, it’s legal here so there’s nothing to worry about. Relax, try not to fall into someone, and listen to music, until someone nudges you and says the person diagonally across from you is asking you about your pins.

Oh, and watch the seats and floor for (used) condoms.

The best place to avoid interaction is the one-seat section in the move-y part between cars.