This could also be called “Lies my church told me” or “Lies society tells me” because I hear it EV.ER.Y.WHERE and it gets old.

People raised female get force-fed this idea that their entire worth is in their uterus and their ability to procreate – that if they are infertile or simply do.not.want.children – something is terribly, horribly, wrong with them or they are bad people.

I’m here to tell myself, and whoever is listening: this isn’t true. I am not broken, or bad, or a terrible selfish human being for choosing to not have kids.

I do not have to change my mind when I’m 30 or just before menopause in order to be a decent human, or redeemed as a woman, or to contribute to the world.

My life, and my dreams are valid, as they stand, and I need to do what is right for me and that is okay, and admirable, and not evil.

My worth as a human being is not dependent on how many children I have, or whether or not I have them.

My worth and value in life is not dependent on one organ of my body and how/if it’s used.

Not having kids does not mean I am selfish, depraved, or inhumane.

(In fact, not having kids means I can actually work to make the world a better place, or at least try to, because I have this thing called time and energy)