So Hobo Spiders are a thing. It would be less of a problem if there weren’t 3 in my tub in any given week. It’s kinda ruined my ability to take showers without fear. So if my hair is a bit greasy, it’s because last time I went to take a shower I had to murder a spider.

The consensus is pretty split on how aggressive they are, so I’m choosing to listen to the ones who say they’re harmless. They’re really big and also slow, so it’s easy enough to smash them…

but still. *shudder*

We sealed off our fireplace and have been systematically finding and sealing any cracks we can. The gap between the fireplace and the mantle, for instance, was a perfect spider hole. Have to figure out what to do with the spider holes in the bathroom because I’m not sure tape will work for that.

Thankfully, our landlord is looking into exterminating them somehow. But basically, rule of thumb: make sure your place is sealed off from spiders, and keep things to squish them with handy just in case.