I didn’t have to be ashamed of my teeth – you had the power to get me help but decided to make fun of me instead. Thanks, mom. 

At least the dentist I went to as an adult was kind. 

I was brushing my teeth tonight, and dealing with the pain of having burned the roof of my mouth while also having a fun tongue issue and remembered how my mom was on my case about my teeth all the time as a child. Either because they were crooked, because they weren’t falling out, because I was too busy brushing everyone else’s teeth to brush my own teeth, because plaque……

She could have taken me to a dentist to get any of those things fixed. Instead she decided to spend years berating and teasing and telling me (for real) not to smile with my mouth open because my teeth were crooked. Never show my teeth, was her solution, and shame me into submission so I never exposed the imperfections she could have easily solved if she cared.