I’m exhausted for no reason other than PMS stole my drawing skills. My brain is currently suspended in a cloud of fuzzy haze where I constantly feel overtired and like I’ve just woken up. So, I sat down to draw the next in the Acceptance Chronicles series and had trouble drawing basic shapes, let alone figuring out the shots for the storyline. I’ve learned, through much self-loathing and frustration, that when I feel like this, no good is going to come of pushing myself, I’ll just make myself depressed as I watch all my mad skills disappear into the void.


Personal day for me – I can break in my new 3DS and hopefully make some progress in Zelda.

Check back later! and Join me tomorrow, while Matt and I stream a Matt & Kiery VS Strip Search Hangout. 3PM EST on my youtube channel (so UK peeps can get the live version). It’ll be up later if you miss it.

If I’m not in the middle of the rains of castamere, we might do another one later that night for people in this hemisphere.