I found the Last of Us on pre-order on my PS4 today, AND ALSO LEGO HOBBIT which I did not know was coming out, and then poof, it exists and impulsively jumped on craigslist to find, I don’t know, depression? apparently.

Seriously, entry level work requires more than entry-level specifications. I’m always surprised at how much stuff I would otherwise be qualified for has things like BA required, or extensive experience with something obscure, or WORK ALL THE TIMES, or, best yet “add to your portfolio!”. I’m not the first person, or artist, to lament the state of the job industry, and I think my millennial is showing because I want to have a job that doesn’t suck every ounce of life from me, and sorting through postings on craigslist is just like, HAHAHAHAHA YOU FOOL.

Which is why I’ve started my patreon (by the way, if you want a full-size download of the comics posted here, you can get them by becoming a patron for $1 or more a month – and they even come with exclusive feels and commentary!), in hopes that maybe I can actually live (thrive) while making all the things that I want to be making. And also quiet my overactive guilt complex.